Mother’s Day on a Budget

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. (It’s this Sunday, May 11, 2014…in case you didn’t have it on the calendar.) And whether you are ten years old, 50 years old, or a first time father looking for that perfect gift can be a challenge. We are always looking for that special something to show our mothers, or the mothers of our children… just how important they are to us.

If your “mom” is like many moms, it isn’t how much you spent, but how much time and thought went into the choice of a gift. So what would your mom like most? Our guess is something that demonstrates love, caring and respect. So let’s focus on some budget minded gifts that come from the heart – things that only you can do in your own special way!

Here are some ideas that may demonstrate how much you love your mom, and how well you learned your lessons of honor and respect from her…that won’t break the bank.

Find a great recipe and cook it for her! Not much of a cook, that’s ok – it’s the thought that counts! And there are plenty of resources on the Internet. You can Google her favorite food for recipes, or find one on Pinterest that best fits your skill level, and then surprise her with a homemade lunch or dinner. It’s more personal and relaxing that a restaurant meal, and certainly less expensive!

Bake and Make! Update Mom’s kitchen with new kitchen essentials like oven mitts and kitchen towels in her favorite color. Check out the dollar store for some great deals! Once you have your items together, put them in a basket along with a cake or brownie mix, and a homemade coupon for a “Make the Cake Day”.

Green Thumbs, Anyone? Take a trip to the local Garden Shop and choose a beautiful plant for the yard! Make the time to plant it together in a special place where it will bring back fond memories for each of you. If you prefer cut flowers, now is the perfect time to pick a bouquet from your yard, or a neighbor’s yard who‘s willing to share! Please be sure you get their permission before you get started.

Let the kids make something! Kids love to give a gift that they have made, so why not take advantage of their talents? Beyond the normal card, think of craft projects in the craft stores they can make. Large or small, there is a craft kit to fit every age and budget.

Mom’s Day Off! Why not give her a Day Off? Take care of the cleaning, the cooking, the phone calls – whatever else Mom does each and every day. You may even want to do the grocery shopping and save her at least two hours.

Remember Your Manners! One of the best gifts you can give is showing her that those lessons she drilled in stuck! Treat her like royalty on Mother’s Day – use all of your best manners! Open the car door for her, help her on with a jacket, or serve her coffee in the morning! Any little thing you can think of that will make her feel special – Do IT!

They say, “It’s the little things that count.” and there’s much to be said about this fact. The love and respect you show your mom on Mother’s Day can last an entire year. Remember, it isn’t how much you spend, but how much time and thought goes into the gift you choose. So get creative and show your mom just how much she means to you in your own special way. We wish everyone a safe and happy Mother’s Day.

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