Better Studying Habits are Insight!

Fall is officially here. The newness of the school year is wearing off and everyone is settling into their new routine. Now it’s time to hit the books!

Here at Insight we scoured the internet and used some staff suggestions on how they got through the studying blues. So, here is the list of things you can do to make school time studying simple!

  1. Prepare! – Text book, Folder, Syllabus, Due Dates, Calendar, Pen, Pencil, Colored Pencils, College Ruled paper, Ruler, Tape, Stapler, and Notes from the class. Have all of your needs around you and in front of you. This makes it simple to reach across the table to grab something you need immediately. That way you don’t run for a ruler in the other room and get sidetracked because you found old photos in the drawer and decide to upload them to social media and get caught up on reading the news or friends updates!
  2. Read and then write! – If you do not understand a section or paragraph you have just read, slowly read it; write it out in your own words and even draw diagrams or pictures of what you believe the section means.
  3. Practice Tests – In this day and age with the internet, you can look up practically anything. Type in the subject you are studying and then follow it up with “practice test”. More than likely you will be able to find a practice test to help you learn. Taking these practice exams can actually help alleviate the anxiety of taking the exam which in a fact can cause you to think clearer when taking the actual exam!
  4. MNEMONICS! – Might Need Efficient Memory Or Need Information Clearly and Snappy? Our friend the Mnemonic can come in quite handy. Mnemonics are something people use to find a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something. Need to remember the Rainbow of colors? ROY G BIV Can help with that! Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo V Need to remember the planets from the Sun and in order? My Very Elderly Mother Just Served Us Nachos. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune. Sorry, Pluto is no longer a planet! Can you find the 3rd mnemonic in this paragraph?
  5. Chew Gum! – Maybe that’s why you are always finding gum under your desk in the first place! This helps boost mental performance.
  6. Lights! Lights! And More Lights! – The brighter the beams, the better the brain! Lights help activate the brain signals and keep you alert.
  7. Study here, study thereSubconsciously your brain and eyes are taking in everything as you are learning. You are more likely to increase that mental power of your brain by changing up your location.
  8. Get lots of sleepThings can become cloudy and hazy if you are pulling all-nighters. It is dangerous to take exams while sleepy as well. Your body moves slower, your breathing is slower, you blink slower, you even think slower.
  9. Smells Different in hereA lot of people can associate a person, place, time, or event in their life just by the pure activation of a familiar scent. As you study have a scent nearby that you like and can smell. For a different class, use a different smell. Then when you go to take the test, use those scents again! Don’t forget the gum!
  10. The worst for last – Put your phone and all other technology away! If you use your phone as a calculator put it on airplane mode.

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