DIY Halloween Costumes

HalloweenAs a child, one of the best holidays can be Halloween. And why not?  Costumes, candy, crisp weather – the Perfect  Storm of a holiday!  While the way most children celebrate Halloween has changed over the years, some things never change.  They still gobble up the chocolate bars and try to trade the green lollipops before they reach the end of the sidewalk, of some generous, costumed neighbor. At the end of the night, whether from a church or mall party, or Trick or Treating in the neighborhood, they all sit down with their bags of candy and separate them for later consumption.  And parents still caution overeating and keeping any unwrapped candy.

For some, Halloween isn’t all about the candy…it’s the costume that mean the most. And sometimes the most memorable costumes are ones you make yourself. Making your own costume is not only a great opportunity to stretch your creativity, but it’s a little easier on your budget too!

Homemade or “DIY” costumes can be the most interesting, creative and rewarding costumes of all time.  With the easy access to Internet ideas, we can even get a boost in the creativity.  No matter where you search there are costume ideas and directions on how to make them.  If money is no object, then you are fortunate.  But let’s explore some amazing, but inexpensive costume ideas and where to find the directions.

Start thinking about a costume early, scour the house for items that will make it funnier, scarier or more realistic – nothing should be out of bounds – colanders for robot heads, laundry baskets for bathtubs or Uncle Joe’s old army uniform. Those costumes that represent your personality and fun side are the most successful – did you always want to be a cowboy, a doctor, love to travel? Or do you simply love Jelly Bellys? How about a cat burglar?

These are just a few examples of simple costumes you can make with items you probably already own – boots and a bandana for a cowboy, along with jeans and a plaid shirt – make it special with a Stetson, bearded face with makeup or even a children’s holster set!

A doctor is even easier – scrubs! But why not add a stethoscope and surgical mask and cap? A little bit of “blood” on the shirt wouldn’t hurt! Want to be a tourist? That’s the easiest – we see them here in Florida all the time – just put on plaid Bermuda shorts,  sandals with long black socks and an aloha shirt – add a camera, and use makeup to mimic a sunburn.

Another simple but effective costume would be a “Bag of Jelly Bellys” – simply blow up small balloons, put them in a very large clear plastic bag with leg and arm holes cut out, and step in it!  Secure the bag around your neck, with a ribbon, and add the Jelly Belly logo to the front of the bag, and you are done, and sure to raise some eyebrows!

A cat burglar just needs black pants and a black long sleeve shirt, and the effect is almost complete!  Add a black knit cap, a burlap sack with a $ painted on it, and some dark gloves – You are done!  By the way, that is a great costume for couples, as you can both wear the same costume.

No matter what you choose to make, if you don’t have items that you need, check out what family might have that you can borrow.  Don’t forget the thrift stores or dollar stores.  If you are making costumes for children, make sure they are a part of the creative process – if they help to make the costume, they will remember it for years – watch the delight in their faces as the costume takes shape.   For more ideas, just type in DIY Halloween Costumes and watch what comes up on the Internet.  Be sure and use your imagination and have fun!

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