Have a Happy (and Safe) Halloween

HalloweenSummer is over and fall is officially upon us. For many that means celebrating with costume parties and trick-or-treating for Halloween.  If these activities are part of your family tradition, we thought we would share a few simple reminders about safety so your fun isn’t dampened by an accident.

Costume Safety
Make sure kids’ costumes are easy to manage.  Make sure garments are not too long to ensure your child won’t trip, and make sure your child can easily handle any costume accessories.  If using a mask, make sure your child is able to see; better yet, consider using face paint rather than a mask.  And make sure others can see your child—consider adding reflective tape to costumes and/or treat bags so he or she is more visible.

Route Safety
Make a plan when heading out to trick-or-treat.  Make sure an adult accompanies children.  Only visit homes that are well lit, and never go inside a stranger’s home.  Perhaps even consider getting treats at an organized community event rather than the traditional neighborhood trick-or-treat. There are dozens of fun community events to choose from; search on the internet for events in your area.

Candy Safety
Make sure to check all the candy before your child consumes it—make sure it is properly wrapped and hasn’t been tampered with.  If something looks suspicious, throw it away!

Pet Safety
Consider the safety of your four-legged friends, too.  Don’t let pets eat candy—oftentimes animals can become very ill or even die from ingredients in candy.  And if you will have trick-or-treaters or guests for a party at your home, make sure your pet is behind closed doors away from the action.

Just give a little extra thought to safety and your family will have a great time.  We hope you have a very Happy (and Safe) Halloween!

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