Daylight Saving Time

Clock Illustration End of Summer Time

We “fall back” this weekend. Be sure to change all your clocks before going to bed on Saturday!

First, let’s transform you into a Daylight Saving expert. The bi-annual tradition of setting the clocks back or ahead an hour is called Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time as so popularly referred to.  You are saving daylight; you are not savings daylight!

November 2nd, 2014 at 2:00 am it magically becomes 1:00 am! This will give you the opportunity to sleep in, possibly miss a flight, or catch up on all those little details in your house that make a HUGE difference.

At Insight Credit Union we are here to make sure you have an easy and most productive “fall back”. This is a great opportunity to follow up with bi-annual duties to ensure that your safety and the safety of your family is in check!

  1. The most obvious, change all of your clocks before going to bed. Today’s technology – your cell phone and cable box will change the times automatically, but your home clocks, microwave, oven, and car might not be as smart!
  2. Flip your mattress! Possibly get that new bed feeling back from your mattress!
  3. Do a spot check on the lights and signals on your car, bike, boat, or other recreational vehicles.
    1. Check to make sure both of your high beams work.
    2. Make sure both headlights and break lights work.
    3. Check to make sure all 4 corner blinkers are working
  4. Change your air filter, while you should be doing this once a month for optimal savings, check your air filter and replace as necessary. Also, remember, switching from air conditioning to heating in Florida is a huge change to your system. You probably have a years’ worth of dust sitting on the heating coils in your home. So the first heater use could lead to your home smelling like something is on fire. Pay close attention to this! You don’t want any surprises.
  5. Time to check your fire alarm batteries! Fire Alarms are usually equipped with a battery backup system in case there is a fire and the fire knocks out the electrical system. Thankfully it is rare for these contraptions to sound but when they do, they can save lives.
  6. Medications! How does time change affect your medicine? It doesn’t! But, it’s a good time to do a spot check on your expiration dates for medicines. Might even decide to check the refrigerator or the pantry too!

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