As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re reminded of all the wonderful memories we’ve had with our mom. Whether she taught you how to cook, tiStock_000008036320Mediumook you on endless shopping trips, or cheered you on at every game, she was a part of so many priceless moments throughout life. Do you think you have the cutest #mommyandme photo? Share a photo of your favorite memory with your mom for a chance to win a $200 Visa gift card! Give your mom the day she deserves and spoil her just as much as she’s spoiled you.

The Mommy & Me Photo contest will run from April 26, 2015, to May 3, 2015. To submit your photo, look for the contest on our Facebook Page. Once the photo has been uploaded, invite your friends and family to vote for your photo. The photo with the most likes will be selected as the winner! Winner will be announced no later than May 6, 2015. Check out our Facebook Page for the official contest rules.