Rubber DuckyWith temperatures reaching 90˚F and above this summer, it’s important to stay cool. Spending even a few minutes outside can leave you feeling sweaty and miserable. That’s why we’ve come up with a few activities that you can do outdoors while still keeping your cool.

Some Floridians have the convenience of having a pool in their backyard while others don’t. Many areas have a city or county pool that the public can access for free or a small fee. This offers a great place to go and cool off while under the watchful eye of a trained lifeguard. Oftentimes these activity centers offer special classes and programs for both children and adults. To find out if there is a pool near you, contact your local city or county office.

Tired of the pool? How about organizing a neighborhood car wash for a local charity? This is a great way to get your neighbors together to do something productive for your community. While you are socializing and washing cars, you are also keeping your cool and raising money for a good cause. This can create a sense of togetherness while teaching the importance of giving.

Do you have children on summer vacation that love to get outside? Try activities like water balloon dodgeball, slip ‘n slides or squirt gun battles. Supplies for these activities are generally inexpensive and can keep the family occupied for hours.

Remember to drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen thoroughly while you are enjoying the sun. Stay cool, Insight!