After the holidays, you might be a little hesitant to host a Super Bowl party this year. Fear not! Here are some easy ways to save while still hosting a great party.

Co-Host With a Friend
Instead of having multiple parties, offer to co-host the party with a friend. This is a win for everyone. You not only share in the financial responsibility, but also in setting up and cleaning up. This will make it less stressful on you, your friends and your wallet!

Make It BYOB
Have your guests bring their own beverages – especially when it comes to alcohol. Trying to stock a bar with every beverage your guests like could really blow the budget. Most people prefer to bring their favorite drinks anyway!

Think Potluck
Tell everyone to bring their favorite snack or dish to share. Set up a buffet table where guests can add the dishes they bring and everyone can snack as they please. You can supplement the buffet table with chips and dip and a few other snacks for your guests. This way you aren’t responsible for providing all the food and everyone knows there will be something they like!

Buy in Bulk
If you do need to buy food for the party, buy it in bulk. Think of simple, easy recipes that will feed a lot of people – like chili. Make sure you like whatever food you are buying in bulk though, just in case there are more leftovers than you anticipated. You don’t want to be stuck with food you won’t enjoy after the big game!

Go to the Dollar Store
You probably want to decorate for the party – but skip the expensive party stores. Head to your local dollar store instead! They will have lots of items you can use to decorate, as well as paper plates and plastic silverware. Instead of buying tablecloths, pick up your favorite team’s colors in wrapping paper to cover the tables with. Festive and budget friendly!

We hope these tips help you save money while still throwing a great party! Do you have any other suggestions for hosting a Super Bowl party on a budget? If so, comment and share them with us!