1. Break up the work by room.
    Doing everything in one weekend can be exhausting and overwhelming. Instead, clean one room every couple of days. Start off with a small room, like the bathroom, which can easily be done in an evening.
  2. Inventory all the items in the room.
    What items do you have? How many do you have? Do you still use them? Sometimes we stockpile because we lose sight of what we already have and then we end up purchasing extra items. Determine whether or not you still need them and then PURGE, PURGE, PURGE!
  3. Make 3 piles: Donation, Garbage, Keep.
    Donation piles can go to different local charities. For example, animal rescues and shelters will take old blankets and towels. Donations to local charities can also have a positive impact on your taxes! Talk to a tax advisor to learn more. Do you have a friend who loves a good bargain or enjoys thrift stores? Call him or her and see if there’s anything of interest in your donation pile. As for the garbage pile, toss it! Don’t think about it. Just do it!
  4. Clean the room.
    Thoroughly dust, disinfect, sweep/vacuum and mop the room before you store all the items your keeping.
  5. Categorize and organize the keep pile in the room.
    Understand how to store items that are seasonal. Click here to see a video about how to store seasonal items. There are also videos on how to organize your pantry, kitchen, etc.
  6. Try to identify one or two charities to donate all of your stuff to.
    When you are done spring cleaning, pack all the donation items up and donate them to the charities you chose.