Community Matters

Comm Foundation Logo6AAs you read our various newsletters and web updates, you may wonder why we support and participate in so many community events throughout Central Florida.  Ultimately the answer is pretty straightforward – community matters!  To say it another way, the people who make up our communities – our family, our friends, and our neighbors – really matter to us.  See, we live and work here too, and we want to do what we can to create a great life for everyone.

From the business perspective, we strive for that by offering great products and services for our members at reasonable rates so they can save money and finance their needs and wants – like new cars, a nice home, college education, great vacations, or whatever is important to each member.

From the community perspective, we want to support the events that make life in our neighborhoods enjoyable.   Whether it’s fun events, like community celebrations, music festivals, fireworks displays, or a food truck showcase, or it’s an event to bring people together like National Night Out, we want to help provide the means for such events to happen.  We know these sorts of events add to the quality of our lives and bring us closer together as friends and neighbors.

From the educational perspective, we want to support financial literacy as well as educational opportunities throughout the area.  We provide financial literacy through seminars at our branches for adults and through partnerships with various schools for school-aged children.

And now we also offer support through our Insight Community Foundation.  The Insight Community Foundation considers donations for organizations that support educational activities that improve and advance well-being at all educational levels.  For more information or to request funds from the Insight Community Foundation, click here.

We hope you love your community as much as Insight Credit Union does…and when you see us at a community event, please stop by and say hello!